My Father's House was born out of the vision of Co-founder Alice Wiafe. Impressed upon her heart, that so many third world children lacked basic necessities, she felt compelled to act. A closer examination of their living conditions reinforced the need to make a difference somehow and hence the pioneering of My Father's House Global Projects (MFH Global Projects).

A visit to Ghana in 2005 solidified her desire to make a difference in the lives of children in third world countries. The belief that children needed to be children, and be offered opportunities to enjoy child like activities was intensified. The idea of partnering with corporations to finance recreational facilities was feasible and possible. Today we sit, preparing and awaiting the launch of our first site, Cocoa Walk Amusement Park scheduled to start construction fall 2011.

Alice Wiafe is a wife and mother of three. Over the course of her life, she has run several businesses, a fervent advocate of reducing poverty, and works as a professor, clinician and entrepreneur.

When I drove through the streets, and saw all the children working, bewildered ...and hustling just to make ends meet, my heart ached, and I said to myself "there must be a way to give these children laughter, joy, and a little bit of happiness that we get in the western world. Doesn't every child deserve at least that?" --- Alice Wiafe

Latest News

  • Co-Founder Alice Wiafe visits site for amusement park in Dec 2009
  • My Father's House initiates project in Accra Ghana to open in March 2011
  • MFH Global plan to participate in Mission Fest 2010