Financial Contribution

MFH will need financial contributions to complete and maintain our projects. We are looking for financial assistance to buy raw materials for the development of our projects, purchase of land, furniture for our facilities and monies to pay and manage our staff. Development and administrative costs are areas that will require major financial support. We thank you in advance for your contributions.

Products and Goods

We are looking for donations in the following areas:

Clothing and Shoes Books and Pencils Hair Dressing
First Aid Goods Desks and Chairs Teaching tools
Medical products Beds and Furniture Sports Equipment
Medical Equipment Bibles Transportation
Computers Sewing machines Entertainment
Learning products Cooking equipment Canned Foods

Latest News

  • Co-Founder Alice Wiafe visits site for amusement park in Dec 2009
  • My Father's House initiates project in Accra Ghana to open in March 2011
  • MFH Global plan to participate in Mission Fest 2010