1. Is there a minimum investment my corporation can make?

No, there is no minimum donation, however to sponsor a ride, a booth or room which will brand your logo; we do require a donation of at least $1000.

2. Are your parks insured?

Yes, all our projects are insured. It is our mandate to operate ethically and to uphold global standards in all our locations.

3. Who pays for the shipping of these rides?

Partial proceeds from sponsored contributions will be used towards shipping and other expenses.

4. Can I my corporation sponsor a ride even if we don't do business in a particular country?

Absolutely, You can sponsor a ride no matter where you live on the globe. In fact, we believe most corporations irrespective of where do they do business will want to be part of our vision.

5. How do you decide which agency you donate to?

It is our corporate partners who decide which agency they would like their proceeds generated to.

6. How much funding do you provide to community agencies?

50% of the proceeds generated from the use of these rides is donated to the agencies.

7. Who pays for the maintenance of these projects?

All our corporate sponsors pledge to donate a certain amount of money each year for the maintenance of our inventory

Latest News

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